Research in the porous media group

Most of the activity of the group is concerned with porous media sciences. We have expertise with a number of important tools such as:

Gaz trapped in a porous medium
Unsaturated flow in model porous media.
  • pore-network models,
  • micromodel and microfluidic experiments,
  • homogenization methods and percolation theory.

Interests include:
  • reactive transport processes in heterogeneous media,
  • flow with phase change in porous media,
  • transfers in geological systems,
  • biomechanics,
  • instabilities or confinement effects.

Application range from bioremediation in subsurface zones to studying salt crystallization in porous media, or blood flow in cerebral vascular networks.

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Salt crystals on a porous wall
Salt crystallization on the walls of a subsurface cave in a karstic aquifer.
Eroded porous rock
Eroded monument in southern Italy.