X-ray imaging in porous media

BaSO4 particles on a flat surface
SEM image of the BaSO4 particles. Courtesy of A. Phillips, J. Connolly & R. Guerlach.

We have developed methods for 3D imaging of biofilms in porous media based on X-ray absorption tomography and a selection of contrast agents. We use both benchtop tomographs and Synchrotron sources (e.g., the tomography beamline Advanced Photon Source (APS))

Current research topics include:

  • validation of the methods,
  • 3D image procesing,
  • improving the methodology.

Collaborators: G. Iltis and D. Wildenschild from the Oregon State University.

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Biofilm on a sphere
Benchtop X-ray tomography of biofilm growth on a sphere.
Biofilm in a porous medium
Biofilm growth in a packing of glass beads imaged using synchrotron X-ray tomography (with G. Iltis and D. Wildenschild).