W. Smith (University of Oxford) is doing a PhD on "Cellular-level models of biofilms". Project in collaboration with J. Pitt-Francis, K. Foster and J. Osborne.

M. Peyrounette (University of Toulouse) is doing a PhD on "Hybrid modelling of microvascular flow and transfer phenomena in cerebral networks". Project in collaboration with S. Lorthois and M. Quintard.

S. Pasquier (University of Toulouse) is doing a PhD on "Modelling distillation process using porous media approaches". Project in collaboration with G. Mougin (Air Liquide) and M. Quintard.

F. Pierre (University of Toulouse) is doing a PhD on "Polymer flow in porous media: upscaling and modelling". Project in collaboration with R. de Loubens (Total) and M. Quintard.

(Starts in October 2014) A.E. Larue (University of Toulouse) is doing a PhD on a project in collaboration with P. Swider, P. Duru and M. Quintard on "Imaging biofilms in porous media using x-ray computed microtomography".


F. Houdroge (2013) did her Master's on "Transport phenomena in the brain vascular network" (collaboration with S. Lorthois and M. Quintard).

A. Martin (2013) did a DTC project on "Evolving reference states for cellular-level tissue mechanics" (collaboration with J. Osborne, H. Byrne and D. Gavaghan).

P.R. Taylor (2013) did a DTC project on "Immersed boundary models for modelling biofilm-flow interactions" (collaboration with D. Kay and J. Osborne).

W. Smith (2013) did a DTC project on "Cellular-level models of biofilms with rod-shaped bacteria" (collaboration with J. Osborne, J. Pitt-Francis and K. Foster).


University of Toulouse (France)

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Montana State University (USA)

James Connolly

Robin Guerlach

University of Nancy (France)

Fabrice Golfier

POROUS MEDIA GROUP (permanent researchers)

Rachid Ababou (Professor)

Alain Bergeon (Professor)

Gérald Debenest (Professor)

Paul Duru (MCF)

Erik Estivalezes (MCF)

Sylvie Lorthois (CR CNRS)

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