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  • [🎓 Job offer, OPENED] October/November 2021: New Postdoc position on modelling lithium-ion batteries, collaboration with C. Merlet (Cirimat), O. Liot (IMFT) and R. de Loubens (TOTAL Energies), description here!
  • [🎓 Job offer, OPENED] Early 2022: New PhD position on modelling lithium-ion batteries, collaboration with C. Merlet (Cirimat), O. Liot (IMFT) and R. de Loubens (TOTAL Energies), description here!
  • [🎓 Job offer, OPENED] September 2021: New PhD position opened on bacterial communications in porous media, collaboration with Tanguy le Borgne (Géosciences, Rennes), description here!
  • [🎓 Job offer, CLOSED] September 2021: New PhD position opened on the ERC BEBOP, description here!
  • [👋 New team member] September 2020: Massinissa Benbelkacem is starting a PhD on the ERC BEBOP (microfluidics, microbiology). Collaboration with Christine Roques (LGC & CHU Purpan).
  • [👋 New team member] October 2019: Gabriel Ramos Peroni is starting a postdoc on the ERC BEBOP (microfluidics).
  • [👋 New team member] September 2019: Jean-Daniel Julien has just started a postdoc on the ERC BEBOP (modelling).
  • [🎓 Job offer, CLOSED] September 2019: New internship & PhD position advertised for 2020. Here it is!
  • [👋 New team member] August 2019: Nicolas Waisbord is starting a postdoc with a Rennes/Toulouse collaboration with Tanguy Le Borgne (Géosciences Rennes).
  • [👋 New team member] July 2019: Christos Papadopoulos has just started his PhD. First recruit on the ERC BEBOP (bioreactor experiments). Collaboration with Laurent Malaquin (LAAS).
  • [🥳 🎉 Award] June 2019: INP INNOV award!
  • [📰 Press] June 2019: Read about the Tribune “Le CNRS fêtera-t-il ses 100 ans ?” in Le Monde.
  • [📰 Press] February 2019: Check out the press coverage of the Nature Neuroscience article from our collaboration with Cornell Uni. Franceinfo, la Dépêche, Europe 1, Pour la Science etc…
  • [🎓 Job offer, CLOSED] February 2019: New position opened on the ERC, either as a postdoc or a PhD!
  • [🎓 Job offer, CLOSED] October 2018: First jobs on the ERC. 2 PhD positions (experiments and numerics) and 1 postdoc.
  • [🥳 🎉 Grant] July 2018: ERC StG project BEBOP accepted! Check out soon for PhD and PostDoc offers.
  • [🎓 PhD defense] March 2018: Anne Edith Larue just defended her PhD thesis. Congrats!
  • [🎓 Job offer, CLOSED] Internship position with TOTAL on polymer flows in porous media, followed  by a PhD funding.
  • [🎓 Job offer, CLOSED] Two internship positions in the ERC BrainMicroFlow on “Importance of blood-brain barrier on transfers between blood and tissue in cerebral microcirculation” and “Modeling the transient adhesion of leucocytes into brain capillary vessels and its impact on cerebral blood flow in Alzheimer’s disease“. Contact us if you are interested!
  • [📰 Paper] Check out our new paper in Physical Review Fluids on two-phase flows in porous media.
  • [👋 New team member] Maxime Cochennec has just started his PhD in collaboration with the BRGM on bioremediation of non-aqueous phase liquids. Welcome!
  • [📰 Conference] Do not forget the CMWR 2018 in Saint-Malo organized by the University of Rennes. We are organizing a session on microorganisms in heterogeneous flows with Pietro de Anna and Brian Wood.
  • [📰 Conference] Interpore 2018 is coming up soon and we highly recommend the mini-symposium: MS 1.08 Non-linear flows in porous media!

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